"the universe's palette" series

Sometimes I want to challenge myself with something new. So how about making short videos? A collection of short videos named "the universe's palette" was brought to life. My videography skill is quite limited, so this stays as my personal project. I currently don't provide video for clients and are now trying to develop more. I'm highlighting some of my proud works for you to enjoy.

the garden of summer

featuring @vahsh.ymake up by @nhinhimakeupvideo by @fonchann.universemusic: After the love - Prod. Lee

happy bad-day

featuring @iia__hmakeup by @nhinhimakeupvideo by @fonchann.universestaff: @dokutafuu & @magikdudeemusic: SAD - Prod. Lee

my summer room

featuring @kawaii.binhhmakeup by Han Thao Levideo by @fonchann.universestaff @lumieree.18music: Pink Tears - Prod. Lee

beneath the sea

featuring @d.d.e.t.smakeup by @nhinhimakeupvideo by @fonchann.universemusic: Dreaming - Prod. Lee